Can scientific data be trusted

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Mixed Messages about Public Trust in Science

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Public-key cryptography

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In Atheists We Distrust

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Can the Ussher Chronology Be Trusted?

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29 Aug When making your travel plans for IDWplease also take in account that ' Data Repositories Day ' will be hosted by the World Data System on Friday, 09 November There is, of course, no simple answer. While many managers are skeptical of new data and others embrace it wholeheartedly, the more thoughtful managers take a nuanced approach.

They know that some data (maybe even most of it) is bad and can’t be used. I would argue that your modification to the question changes its meaning.

Excel only accepts numerical data up to a certain precision, so there's a distinction between storing as text (essentially unlimited precision, but difficult.

The key to importing as a text, using the text import wizard is to prevent to original data import from saving as csv values. Since excel is the default for such files, it would "do its damage" before you get the file. so first download the file, do not double click to open it.

In digital imaging, that upper limit often has to do with the ceiling the camera or device has—the number of pixels the sensors inside the camera are capable of .

Can scientific data be trusted
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