Followership styles

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Types of Followership Robert Kelley was one of few people who studied followers. He recognized that they are different from one another and he identified five followership patterns according to the level of activity and behavior (whether the individual is an independent critical thinking or not).

Followership styles can have an important part to play in the onset of group think within teams. Within a group, passive followers agree and go along with the flow just because they think this is the group’s view.

styles of people within different cultures because different cultures may produce different followership styles and behaviours (Kelley (), this research paper focuses on followership styles in private universities in the. Followership is the actions of someone in a subordinate role. Research suggests that there is significant difference in organizational effectiveness among nurses with different followership styles – passive, alienated, conformist, pragmatist, or effective.

Followership may take the backseat to leadership but it matters: it matters a lot! Quite simply, where followership is a failure, not much gets done and/or what does get done is not what was supposed to get done.

Kelley's Five Followership Styles It is interesting how much we focus on leadership, because in doing so, we forget about the other key players in the process: followers. Like good leaders, good followers need to develop some sound characteristics.

Followership styles
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