Fumaroles a natural source

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Geothermal areas of Yellowstone

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Some sources of these acids are volcanoes, hot springs, and atmospheric carbon dioxide. Geysers often are co-located with other geothermal features, such as hot springs, mudpots, and fumaroles.

A geyser requires three critical elements in order to form: a water supply, a heat source, and the proper kind of underground water circulation system.

Norris Geyser Basin Trails

Fumaroles may occur along tiny cracks or long fissures, in chaotic clusters or fields, and on the surfaces of lava flows and of thick deposits of pyroclastic flows. A fumarole field is an area of thermal springs and gas vents where magma or hot igneous rocks at shallow depth release gases or interact with groundwater.

Fumarole: Fumarole, vent in the Earth’s surface from which steam and volcanic gases are emitted. The major source of the water vapour emitted by fumaroles is groundwater heated by bodies of magma lying relatively close to the surface.

Carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide are usually emitted. The northwesterly movement of the Pacific plate has created the Kamchatka volcanic province. This is one of the world's finest example of large scale subduction of an oceanic plate at a very active convergent boundary.

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Fumaroles a natural source
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