Paper crossbow

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At Crossbow Education we like to do our best for the environment and are proud to have been awarded 3 stars from the green achiever scheme. All paper used to create our paper based products including: Tinted Exercise Books and Pads, Published Books and all labels used for products are purchased through the carbon-capture programme, as well as.

How To Make A Paper Crossbow. Easy step by step tutorial of how to make a crossbow that shoots far.

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it is made all out of easily acquirable materials and it is easy to make check out and join my social networks to get the quickest updates on new and. Paper Crossbow () News., Inc.

Paper Tune a Xbow??

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Mar 16,  · These are all the things you will need to make the cool paper crossbow: 11 sheets of printer paper Scissors Tape Strong string Pencil 4 Popsicle sticks Sharpie.

Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. Step 2: Step 2. Fold 4 of the sheets of paper in. Jul 07,  · So this instructable will show you how to make a simple paper crossbow without using a rubberband.

Origami Bow

This is very simple and costs almost nothing.

Paper crossbow
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