Write a note on grand style of john milton

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John Milton

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Milton's Grand Style

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Milton's grand style

Notes for CECILY PHIPPEN: NOTE. Comment on Milton’s grand style. John Milton was highly ambitious to be the rival poet of all the classical masters namely – Homer, Virgil, Tasso, Boccaccio, and Dante. With this end in view, he mastered all poetic arts to write his long desired epic poems, Paradise Lost, and Paradise Regain.

BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard. Your complete online resource for the study of John Milton's Paradise Lost. This book is meant to be a defense of Milton against his critics.

Specifically, it is a defense of Milton’s “style”, which includes his syntax, rhythm, metaphor, simile, word-play, and all the other subtle effects of Milton’s use of redoakpta.coms: 2.

Write a note on grand style of john milton
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