Writing a check over to someone

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Writing letters to complete strangers can make the world a better place

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How to write a cheque in India?

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How to Sign over a Check

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How to Sign a Check Over to Someone Else

I have an insurance check, that I am supposed to sign over to the medical facility that provided my surgery, when i was employed. It is in the amount for 46,$, issued out of MA, issued to my name, I reside in California. Jan 24,  · A person writing a postdated check may violate the law if the check is returned by the bank to the recipient because the maker’s account does not have the funds on deposit necessary to cover the check.

When you receive a check with your name as the payee you have various options for cashing it. You can simply sign the back of the check and cash it. Signing it over to someone else with a special endorsement that designates this person by name is another option and the one we'll explore below.

How to Sign a Check Over to Another Person

Note. This will help, if someone steals your cheque and cashes it. If the signature is not the same as you use, it proves that you did not cash it. It is not recommended that you sign a cheque over to someone else (that is giving a cheque made out to you to someone else to cash).

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Check fraud specifically may involve signing another person’s name to a check, forging a signed endorsement or signature on a check, altering the writing on a check, constructing a fake check, or purposely writing bad checks to merchants.

Check fraud laws may also vary state to state.

Writing a check over to someone
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